As I stood before the altar at a church in Saraland, AL, the Lord gave me this message. The only possible way to experience God is within your heart. It is a necessary journey if you are going to have a relationship with Him. 

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Our Mission

To present the Altar in public places for people to come and present their hearts to the Lord in earnest prayer for America, for our communities, ourselves, and especially our enemies.

Our Vision

To have an altar dedicated to each state that travels from city to city calling upon God’s people to both testify to God’s mercy and grace and to call all men to repentance of their sins and to place faith in Christ as the only way, the only

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Courses on Spiritual Warfare

Sharing Jesus with the Djembe, Duke the dog and Worship
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As I travel America, I am so blessed to bring Jesus to people in various cities with poetry, my Djembe, and song. I pray you enjoy this expression of Christ's love!

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NEW POEM - It was a simple morning when I opened my eyes. However, my mind wanted to go there and argue as to it had a better idea as to doing it God's way. I don't know about you, but submission to God's will is not a passive undertaking. It takes surrender and then...

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Swinging your machete with accuracy   At bush that must make way   As you create a path for a vision that is calling you from deep within your soul  That you answer each day by sheer faith alone  Not sure of the details exactly ...

Feeding the hungry and preaching the gospel
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Sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ in Montgomery. "Chap" pictured with me, has been doing this for 40 years! When I'm in town I preach on Saturdays as people line up to get food. As many as 400+ cars!

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God revealed to me that when He imparts contentment within my spirit, it is His assurance that He has already finished what He has called me to do, to have and even when I’m just being still. Further, the more I identify with being content when my natural mind would rather complain, it propels the plans and purposes of God forward.

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Demonic Divisiveness
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In America, the nation we call the home of the land of the free and the home of the brave, we are witnessing our communities, family and friends, businesses and even the normalcy of everyday life is divisiveness whose origins are demonic. It is not rational, not...

Olias – No hope?
0 (0) This weekend, I pulled up to the Courtyard by Marriott in Montgomery to work inside the lobby. From time to time, this is how I access wifi while traveling. As I looked out my window, Olias emerged from a nearby wooded area. He looked in my...

God Knows
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God knows the depths of our hearts
He is keenly aware of our needs
When we ourselves cannot comprehend all that
We feel
We want
And at times even what
We believe

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He Will Exalt You In Due Time
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Many times throughout life, we ask two critical questions: "IF" it will happen and "WHEN" it will happen. In this teaching, William makes it very clear that God knows the plans He has for you and it will manifest as you give yourself to God in a relationship built on...

Cast Not Away Your Confidence!
0 (0) Sunday | August 2, 2020 | Montgomery, AL There are no short cuts to developing confidence with God and when you do, the trails of our faith will always present an opportunity to cast it away. The solution is multi-fold. It involves...

God is Judging The Nations

As I travel America crying out loud the eternal gospel of Jesus Christ, and for people to repent, what is most disappointing is the silence of the Church in this hour. Nonetheless, I am persuaded that His people are being stirred to RISE UP. Become a part of America’s Altar as we evangelize the highways and byways of America!

William Owens


By William Owens

Warriors Arise

By Willam Owens


By Homer and Wanda Les

coming soon

Naked Before God

Poetry By William Owens


William Can Cook!

As I travel throughout America, I enjoy cooking in my RV as well as in the kitchen of many people that I meet. Join me in my cooking adventure videos!

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