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Cast Not Away Your Confidence!0 (0)

Cast Not Away Your Confidence!
0 (0) Sunday | August 2, 2020 | Montgomery, AL There are no short cuts to developing confidence with God and when you do, the trails of our faith will always present an opportunity to cast it away. The solution is multi-fold. It involves...

Press Release June 30, 20200 (0)

Press Release June 30, 2020
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Evangelist to Travel America with Altar in Tow for People to Pray For Immediate Release William Owens Email 972-672-5578 Montgomery, AL June 30, 2020 -. Evangelist William Owens to travel America with an altar in tow for people to pray for the healing of the nation...

Rest and Worship
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As you move into the New Year, do so in the rest that God has provided through Christ. Out of rest, you will then discover worship that is rooted in relationships and not works.

Do You Want God?0 (0)

Do You Want God?
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Wanting God has been confused with so many ideas that it has cluttered the simplicity of the truth:  You want who you serve. You want who you pursue. You want who you obey.  Evangelist Owens exposes the depths of the heart with the help of the prophet Elijah when he...

Poetry Concert Coming Together
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Heal by Love & Unite Through Acts of Forgiveness Enjoy some footage of the upcoming Poetic Expressions of Hop, Contribute to the Editing Process and Get Access to the Concert and Behind the Scenes Video Library!

Rebellion0 (0)

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NEW POEM - It was a simple morning when I opened my eyes. However, my mind wanted to go there and argue as to it had a better idea as to doing it God's way. I don't know about you, but submission to God's will is not a passive undertaking. It takes surrender and then...

Pioneer0 (0)

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Swinging your machete with accuracy   At bush that must make way   As you create a path for a vision that is calling you from deep within your soul  That you answer each day by sheer faith alone  Not sure of the details exactly ...

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