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Poetry Concert Coming Together

Heal by Love & Unite Through Acts of Forgiveness Enjoy some footage of the upcoming Poetic Expressions of Hop, Contribute to the Editing Process and Get Access to the Concert and Behind the Scenes Video Library!

Help My Unbelief – The Poem

William woke up one morning and the Lord spoke these words to him. He immediately did a video thatcaptures the heart of every person who is asking God to “Help My Unbelief”. (running time: 3:26) William, your poem is the prayer that comes from your heart,...

Help My Unbelief – The Message

https://vimeo.com/440343623 We need to be real with God and ask Him to help us with our unbelief as we transition to a new season, a new agenda and the coming reign of Jesus our Lord! Support America’s Altar

Life in the RV with William

Life in the RV with William   William is traveling America as an evangelist, poet and author. Share in his journey as he experiences the will of God one day at a time....

Cooking with William   William is all about authentic times. Whether cooking some fried chicken for new found friends, or fixing up breakfast in the RV, he enjoys good and healthy food with an occassional treat!...