Mercy & Grace Tour

Begining July 2021, I’m taking the gospel of Jesus Christ throughout America. I will be preaching Downtown, USA the unadulterated Gospel. I will also be visiting churches and praying at the alter during the late-night hours interceeding for revival.

For those who would see God, they must depart from sin, worship with all their beings, and obey His voice. The time for opinions are over. Serve God only or serve your religion.

Audio SErmons

 As I spend time at the altar, God gives me these messages.

May they edify your spirit!

As I stood before the altar at a church in Saraland, AL, the Lord gave me this message. The only possible way to experience God is within your heart. It is a necessary journey if you are going to have a relationship with Him. 

There are so many ways to act like we want God, but when we scale back the layers of the heart, the truth cannot be hidden. We want who we live for in our actual lives. This message will provoke you to either resolve that you want Him or that you don’t.

Your Journey of Faith is Calling you!

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