Poetic Expressions – DVD

“The film was life changing and mind blowing. It touched the depth of my soul. One poem that touched me the most was ‘Let it Go’. The way it was laid out, it should me how forgiveness sets me free. I was actually crying. The other poem that touched my heart was the baby inside of the mothers womb. It painted this powerful picture of how God knew us and his plan for us to experience life. Written in the child’s voice it really brought home the power of life. This was the most powerful one to me.”

Pastor Dewayne Rembert, Lead Pastor Flatline Church, Montgomery, AL

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Poetic Expressions of Hope, Love, and Forgiveness 


Poetic Expressions of Love, Hope, and Forgiveness is a collection of poetry written during William Owen’s journey of faith in serving God. With the deep division and divide facing our nation, the film presents poems that address these issues and provides hope and inspiration. Owens currently travels the country full time in his motorhome, sharing poetry and the gospel at events, on street corners, and even at bars.  What sets his poetry apart is that every word is relevant to the human experience, every poem comprehensible and every poem speaks of redemption and reconciliation made possible through Jesus Christ’s sacrifice made for the sins of the entire world. Directed by Robert Jackson Cole, the film is visually stimulating and creatively engaging. The timeless message will resonate with each viewer and leave a mark on their heart.

What’s Inside

Scene selection for each poem

Bonus Features

Extended Interview with Dallas Jones

Poets For America Book Project

Behind the Scene Videos

Upcoming Events

December 17, 2020

Film Premiere - Montgomery, AL

The first debut of the film in Montgomery, AL

December 22, 2020

Honoring our Police Officers - 5:30 PM | Montgomery, AL

Flatline Church in Montgomery, AL. William will share a poem that celebrates their service to the community.

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