Hope, Love, & Forgiveness

A Beautiful Expression

This two-hour production of poetry performed by William Owens will inspire HOPE, heal by LOVE and unite through acts of FORGIVENESS.  It is poetry that is living because it is the WORD of God.

Update on America’s Altar

Thank you my dear brother William Owens, Poet of the Lord! Your heavenly gift of poetry has both enriched my faith and inspired my life! As I’ve listened, you’ve encouraged me to arise and abandon the crippling lies of self-pity, fear, doubt, and unbelief! Your poetry speaks new life to my spirit, awakening courage, faith, hope, and love! I believe in your ministry and I know that you are reaching the lost and God is using you to bring healing to the disillusioned and broken-hearted! I hope many more will sow into your ministry as I have by that same generous Spirit that upholds us all in Jesus Almighty’s name! Amen

Russell B.


The voice of the church has grown quiet but the voice of the evangelist must never be silent. Thank you Evangelist Wm Owens!

Stephen W

Miami, FL

Thank you for answering the call to say, “YES” to God’s will and way! Continue to work for Him as long as it is day, for when night comes, no man can work! Be a Witness for our Lord! You are in my prayers.

Katrina J.

Dallas, TX

3 Reasons Why You Should Attend this Concert

HOPE is the fuel for life

In the midst of all that is happening in our nation, in our communities, and in our homes, we need the power of HOPE to be spread abroad in our hearts and minds.

LOVE is our deepest desire

As humans we are extremely limited in our own capacity to love and even be loved. We are in desperate need of a kind of love that is beyond us and yet there.

FORGIVENESS is what sets free

Without forgiveness there is no freedom. It is the solution to the depth of pain we experience within. We fail to forgive others because we won’t forgive ourselves

I am compelled with the love of God that vibrates in my soul to speak forth life. I am constrained by compassion to simply speak truth and to do so with LOVE that flows from ABOVE. Unity is only possible when God heals the heart. It is my desire that as an unapologetic Christian, an artist, and a bearer of truth that is submerged in compassion for every human being who is made in the image of God to be encouraged and to speak forth words of hope that have the power to heal. Almost to the date of this concert, I wrote a poem on September 14, 2016, during the presidential election called, “America in Trouble.” It is the first poem to my book, “Poem for America.” that would be followed by 52 additional poems with one being written every day until the elections. Many of these poems are yet speaking prophetically to us today.

Select your Level & Contribute


Whether you are going to just watch the concert, enjoy the behind the scene videos and ebook, or you want to have an actual copy of the book, “Journey by Faith” mailed to you, the Lord told me to let HIM tell you what to give to support my journey.  His will be done!

Poetic Expressions Concert

You will receive access for 7 days to the concert and access to limited behind the scene footage along with 5 poems from William’s CD – Poetry is Me.

Ebook, behind the scenes...

You will receive access for 14 days to the concert, the Poems for America eBook, behind the scene coverage of putting the concert together, and 10 poems from Williams’s CD – Poetry Is Me.

The "Journey by Faith" Book

30-day access, receive a softbound edition of my newest book “Journey by Faith”. Also receive the Ebook, Poems for America, and in-depth behind the scenes of the production. Access the Poetry is Me CD (18 poems). As a bonus you also receive behind scene in the RV and William can cook channel!

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