Support for the Solar on the America’s Altar RV
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As I travel across this glorious land, bringing forth God’s message of repentance, my journey has been powered by the Son. Now, as great darkness is crawling across our landscape, God wants my travels also to be powered by the sun. Bringing the gospel of Jesus to the lost and needy takes a significant amount of time and energy. The energy I need for the RV can come from solar panels and provide all the electrical power I require without tying me to a specific location. Imagine the Light of life being brought into the darkest of places? Today I am calling forth to God’s people to partner with me in bringing this solar project to life. If just 150 people contribute $30, we can quickly reach our goal and have solar power for the RV thus allowing America’s Altar to reach areas we could not reach before. As a thank you for your generosity I will give each contributor a special gift. Won’t you help me reach into the darkness and rescue the lost?

What others are saying about Evangelist William Owens

“DONE! Keep preaching”

Valerie J. North Carolina $30

Thank you my dear brother William Owens, Poet of the Lord! Your heavenly gift of poetry has both enriched my faith and inspired my life! As I’ve listened you’ve encouraged me to arise and abandon the crippling lies of self-pity, fear, doubt, and unbelief! Your poetry speaks new life to my spirit, awakening courage, faith, hope, and love! I believe in your ministry and I know you are reaching the lost and God is using you to bring healing to the disillusioned and broken-hearted! I hope many more will sow into your ministry as I have by that same generous Spirit that upholds us all in Jesus Almighty name! Amen

Russell B. California $30

The voice of the church has grown quiet but the voice of the evangelist must never be silent. Thank you Evangelist Wm Owens!

Stephen W. Florida $60

Thank you for answering the call to say, “YES” to God’s will and way! Continue to work for Him as long as it is day, for when night comes, no man can work! Be a Witness for our Lord! You are in my prayers.

Katrina L. Texas $30

For your contribution of $30 or more, you’ll receive access to all

my video content and some Ebooks.


The Spiritual Warfare Experience.

Valued at over $350

Limited to the first 150 supporters!

Donate any amount towards the solar system and you’ll receive basic access to selected videos, and content.

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