The 2020 THanksgiving

Poetry Concert

Poetic Expressions of Hope,

Heal by Love,

 & Unity through Acts of Forgiveness

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Why you Should Attended This Concert

I am compelled with the love of God that vibrates in my soul to speak forth life. I am constrained by compassion to simply speak the truth and to do so with LOVE that flows from ABOVE. Unity is only possible when God heals the heart. It is my desire that as an unapologetic Christian, an artist, and a bearer of truth that is submerged in compassion for every human being who is made in the image of God to be encouraged and to speak forth words of hope that have the power to heal.

Behind The Scene

When you pre-register to learn more about the upcoming Poetic Expressions Concert, you’ll receive free access to the behind the scene videos. You see first hand what the experience was like in producing this poetry concert and how God performed miracle after miracle for this to become a reality.  Many of those who have heard these words, believe William’s poetry is relevant for the times and will speak to your soul deeply.

Poetic Expressions of Hope, Love & Forgiveness








The production was shot in the beautiful city of Wetumpka, AL.  We used Manino Men’s Fashions and Designs a beautiful men’s clothing store located at 118 Company Street.

The Production Team


William Owens

Prolific Author of over 1,000 poems and 15 books on Christian Maturity, William presents his first Poetry Concert that captures the essence of Hope, Love and Unity.

Co-Producer / Editor


Videographer and Editor with 5 years experience of shooting and editing. He is founder of  RJC Production Film located in Montgomery, AL



With over 50 years of radio and television broadcasting experience, Larry interviews William throughout this poetic experience. 

Director of Photography 

Cedric Hatcher

Actor, Writer, Director and owner of Redd Hen Films, LLC. From Catherine, Alabama.

Assistant Director


A graduate of the University of Alabama with a Bachelor’s in Telecommunication & Film. Actor and filmmaker from Daphne, AL

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